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Instagram models are known for their beauty, but they're more than that. Entrepreneurs, creatives, and influencers have used their platform to build a brand and a following through hard work, dedication, and style.

Hi guys, I'm Robert, and I wanted to say that after a lot of research for around 7-10 days with my friends John and Brian, I created this post where you can find all the hot and beautiful female celebrities along with their Instagram IDs.

We looked at more than 2,000 famous women or female celebrities to put together one of the most-awaited lists. I only include models in my list of female celebrities if my two friends and I all agree that they are beautiful, pretty, and hot.

This post is not about the "top 10 female celebrities" or the "top 100 female celebrities." While going through more than 2,000 models, I selected and listed those that I, along with my two friends, agreed we could list in the post.

In this post, I will provide a list of the most beautiful and stunning Instagram models you should follow immediately.

So get ready for the list of the most beautiful, pretty, and hot female celebrities to see and follow on Instagram. I provided the Instagram IDs of all the models listed in this post.


Jennifer Lawrence


Age and Height: 32+ and 175 cm

Jennifer Lawrence's raw talent and ability to play complex characters on screen have made her a Hollywood star. In "Winter's Bone," she was nominated for Best Actress.

Since then, Lawrence has starred in blockbusters like "The Hunger Games" and "X-Men," cementing her status as one of the most sought-after actresses. Lawrence has been open about gender pay inequality and body image despite her success.


Natalie Portman


Age and Height: 40+ and 160 cm

Natalie Portman, an accomplished actress, producer, and director, has made a big impact in Hollywood with her dynamic performances and dedication to social and environmental causes. From "Léon: The Professional" to "Black Swan," she has shown her acting range. Portman also promotes gender equality in film. She graduated from Harvard and supports environmental and humanitarian causes in addition to her acting career.


Katherine Langford


Age and Height: 26+ and 167 cm

Hollywood rising star Katherine Langford is known for her captivating performances on the big and small screens. "13 Reasons WhyHannah "'s Baker earned her a Golden Globe nomination. "Knives Out" and "Love, Simon" demonstrate Langford's acting range. She sings and writes as well as acts. Langford can dominate the entertainment industry with her talent and dedication.


Alexandra Daddario


Age and Height: 36+ and 173 cm

Alexandra Daddario is an American actress. She is known for "Percy Jackson & the Olympians: The Lightning Thief," "True Detective," "San Andreas," and "Baywatch."


Kristen Stewart


Age and Height: 32+ and 165 cm

Film and television actress Kristen Stewart is American. She was born in Los Angeles on April 9, 1990. Stewart played Bella Swan in the "Twilight" film adaptations. She later appeared in "Snow White and the Huntsman," "Still Alice," and "Charlie's Angels." In independent films like "Personal Shopper" and "Clouds of Sils Maria," Stewart has earned critical acclaim.


Deborah Ann Woll


Age and Height: 37+ and 178 cm

Deborah Ann Woll is an American actress who excels in film and television. "True Blood Jessica"'s Hamby earned her critical acclaim and a loyal fan base. "Mother's Day" and "Escape Room" are among Woll's films. After being diagnosed with type 1 diabetes at a young age, she advocates for the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation in addition to acting. Woll continues to impact the entertainment industry and beyond with her talent and dedication.


Anne Hathaway


Age and Height: 40+ and 173 cm

Anne Hathaway is an American actress who has made a name for herself through her hard work. She is known for "The Devil Wears Prada," "Les Misérables," and "The Dark Knight Rises."


Kendall Jenner


Age and Height: 27+ and 178 cm

Popular American model, social media influencer, and TV personality Kendall Jenner. She became famous on "Keeping Up with the Kardashians" and is now a top fashion model. Jenner collaborated with Calvin Klein, Chanel, and Versace. She has a successful beauty line and collaborates with major fashion brands in addition to modeling. Jenner has inspired many young women with her beauty and business acumen.


Gigi Hadid


Age and Height: 27+ and 178 cm

Gigi Hadid, an American model, has captivated the fashion world with her beauty and charisma. Tommy Hilfiger, Victoria's Secret, and Versace are among her clients. Vogue and Harper's Bazaar have featured Hadid. She has acted in several music videos and TV shows in addition to modeling. Hadid remains one of the most successful models of her generation due to her natural beauty, charisma, and hard work.


Miranda Kerr


Age and Height: 39+ and 175 cm

Miranda Kerr, an Australian model, is famous for her beauty and runway presence. Victoria's Secret, Chanel, and Balenciaga are among her clients. Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Elle have featured Kerr. She has a successful organic skincare line and models. Kerr remains one of the industry's most admired models due to her beauty, business acumen, and dedication.


Sophie Turner


Age and Height: 26+ and 175 cm

Film and television actress Sophie Turner is English. Northampton, England, was her birthplace. Turner began acting in the early 2010s but rose to fame as Sansa Stark in HBO's "Game of Thrones." She appeared in "X-Men: Apocalypse," "Dark Phoenix," and "Broken Soldier.


Dakota Johnson


Age and Height: 33+ and 171 cm

Dakota Johnson is an American actress. She is best known for her role in the film "Fifty Shades of Grey."


Katheryn Winnick


Age and Height: 44+ and 168 cm

Katheryn Winnick is an Etobicoke-born actress. Lagertha in Vikings is her most famous role. Since 1999, Winnick has appeared in Bones, Nikita, and The Dark Tower. She is a third-degree taekwondo black belt.


Candice Swanepoel


Age and Height: 34+ and 177 cm

South African model Candice Swanepoel is known for her beauty and runway presence. Victoria's Secret, Givenchy, and Versace are among her clients. Vogue and Harper's Bazaar have featured Swanepoel. She supports Mothers2Mothers, an African charity.


Doutzen Kroes


Age and Height: 37+ and 179 cm

Dutch model Doutzen Kroes has captivated the fashion world with her stunning looks and captivating runway presence. Victoria's Secret, Calvin Klein, and L'Oreal have hired her. Vogue and Harper's Bazaar have featured Kroes.


Haley Bennett


Age and Height: 35+ and 173 cm

Haley Bennett is an American actress and singer. She is known for "The Equalizer" and "Thank You for Your Service."


Chloë Grace Moretz


Age and Height: 25+ and 164 cm

American actress Chloë Grace Moretz excels in film and television. "Kick-Ass" made her famous at a young age. Moretz later appeared in "Let Me In," "If I Stay," and "The Equalizer." She advocates for LGBTQ+ rights and anti-bullying in addition to acting. Moretz has the talent and drive to become a major entertainment voice.


Irina Shayk


Age and Height: 36+ and 178 cm

Russian model Irina Shayk has captivated the fashion world with her stunning looks and captivating runway presence. She worked for Versace, Burberry, and Victoria's Secret. Vogue and Harper's Bazaar have featured Shayk. She starred in "Hercules" and "A Star is Born" in addition to modeling.


Camila Morrone


Age and Height: 25+ and 175 cm

Camila Morrone is an American-Argentine model and actress. Victoria's Secret and Topshop are among her clients. "Mickey and the Bear" and "Death Wish" were notable acting roles for Morrone. Her natural beauty, acting ability, and charming personality have garnered worldwide acclaim.


Sarah Stephens


Age and Height: 32+ and 178 cm

Actress Sarah Stephens is from Australia. Australia's Sydney is where she was born. Along with modeling, she is well known for "The Witch" and "The Snowtown Murders."


Demi Rose


Age and Height: 27+ and 157 cm

British social media personality Demi Rose models. Birmingham, England, was her birthplace. Rose's 17 million Instagram followers see her modeling photos, travel photos, and daily life updates.


Iskra Lawrence


Age and Height: 32+ and 175 cm

British model Iskra Lawrence promotes body positivity. Lawrence promotes body diversity and self-love. She modeled for Aerie, American Eagle Outfitters, and L'Oreal. Vogue and Cosmopolitan have featured Lawrence.


Shailene Woodley


Age and Height: 32+ and 173 cm

Shailene Woodley is an American actress and an environmental activist. She is known for "The Secret Life of the American Teenager."


Rebecca Ferguson


Age and Height: 39+ and 165 cm

Film and television actress Rebecca Ferguson is Swedish. Stockholm, Sweden, was her birthplace. Ferguson rose to fame as Elizabeth Woodville in "The White Queen" after starting her career in Swedish soap operas. She later appeared in "Mission: Impossible - Rogue Nation," "The Greatest Showman," and "Doctor Sleep."


Amber Heard


Age and Height: 38+ and 170 cm

Amber Heard is an American actress. She is known for "Pineapple Express," "The Rum Diary," and "Aquaman."


Gemma Arterton


Age and Height: 38+ and 170 cm

Film, television, and theater actress Gemma Arterton is English. Gravesend, Kent, England, was her birthplace. "St. Trinian's," "Clash of the Titans," and "Prince of Persia: The Sands of Time" made Arterton famous.


Abigail Breslin


Age and Height: 26+ and 155 cm

Abigail Breslin is an American actress and singer. She is known for "Zombieland," "August: Osage County," "Scream Queens," "American Horror Story," and "Dirty Dancing."


Amanda Seyfried


Age and Height: 37+ and 159 cm

American actress, singer, and model Amanda Seyfried works in film, television, and theater. Allentown, Pennsylvania, was her birthplace on December 3, 1985. "Mean Girls" made Seyfried famous. She has since appeared in "Mamma Mia!," "Les Misérables," "Mank," and "Big Love" and "Twin Peaks."


Kaya Scodelario


Age and Height: 30+ and 168 cm

Film and television actress Kaya Scodelario is English. She was born March 13, 1992, in Haywards Heath, West Sussex, England. "Skins" made Scodelario famous in the late 2000s. She later appeared in "The Maze Runner," "Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales," and "Crawl."


Lena Headey


Age and Height: 49+ and 166 cm

Film and television actress Lena Headey is English. Bermuda-born, she was raised in England. In "300," Headey played Queen Gorgo. "Game of Thrones"' Cersei Lannister earned her several award nominations.


Hannah Murray


Age and Height: 33+ and 165 cm

Hannah Murray is a Bristol-born actress. Game of Thrones fans know her as Gilly. Murray made her acting debut in 2007. She appeared in Chatroom, God Help the Girl, and Charlie Says.


Teagan Croft


Age and Height: 18+ and 162 cm

Teagan Croft is a Sydney-born actress. She is best known for her Titans role as Raven, Rachel Roth. Croft debuted in 2016 with a small role in the Australian crime drama The Osiris Child.


Dakota Fanning


Age and Height: 28+ and 163 cm

Dakota Fanning was born February 23, 1994, in Conyers, Georgia. In I Am Sam, she made her acting debut at six and received praise. War of the Worlds, The Twilight Saga, and The Secret Life of Bees have followed Fanning.


Monica Bellucci


Age and Height: 59+ and 171 cm

Monica Bellucci was born in Città di Castello, Italy, on September 30, 1964. She began acting in the 1990s after modeling in the 1980s. Malèna, Irreversible, and The Matrix Reloaded feature Bellucci. She played Lucia Sciarra in Spectre (2015).


Sasha Barrese


Age and Height: 42+ and 174 cm

Sasha Barrese is a Hawaiian-born American actress. Tracy Billings in The Hangover is her most famous role. In 1999, Barrese began acting in Legally Blonde, Let Me In, and American Pie. CSI: Miami and Supernatural have featured her as a guest.


Elisha Cuthbert


Age and Height: 42+ and 159 cm

Elisha Cuthbert is a Calgary-born actress. Kim Bauer in 24 is her most famous role. Cuthbert began acting in the late 1990s, appearing in Love Actually, The Girl Next Door, and Old School.


Elle Fanning


Age and Height: 24+ and 175 cm

Elle Fanning is a Georgia-born actress. She debuted in Somewhere at two years old. Maleficent, The Neon Demon, and The Beguiled have followed Fanning. She appeared in The Great and American Dad!.


Saoirse Ronan


Age and Height: 28+ and 168 cm

Saoirse Ronan is an Irish actress, but she was born in New York City, in the United States. As a result, we can assume she is an Irish-American actress. She is known for Lady Bird, Brooklyn, and Little Women.


Kaitlyn Dever


Age and Height: 26+ and 160 cm

Kaitlyn Dever is an American actress. She was born on December 21, 1996, in Phoenix. She is known for Short Term 12, Beautiful Boy, and Booksmart.


Kindly Myers


Age and Height: 37+ and 172 cm

American model and social media personality Kindly Myers. Bowling Green, Kentucky, was her birthplace. Myers spent four years in the Army National Guard before modeling. She modeled for Playboy, Maxim, and FHM.

More female celebrities or Instagram models: list no. 2

The list above includes many Instagram models. Most of them are very well-established celebrities, and most of the world's population knows them. Now let me list other female celebrities and Instagram models in this section.


Anna Nyström


Gabby Westbrook


Megan Williams


Chantel Zales


Mónica Alvarez


Kristi Krime


Courtney Tailor


Emily Sears


Charlotte de Witte




Madi Edwards


Anastasia Karanikolaou


Jen Selter


Catriona Gray


Rosie HW


Amy-Jane Brand


Barbara Palvin


Elli AvrRam


Polina Dubkova


Urvashi Rautela


Yanet Garcia MX


Disha Patani


Dasha Taran


Karimova Elina


Yael Shelbia


Alexandra Botez






Rayan Makhlouf




Elina Karimova


Nicolle Figueroa


Ecem Axetya




Christina Chamoun


Firdevs Bozlar


Ashley Sky


Jessica Wilde

amber dunn

Amber Dunn






Vladislava Shelygina

Karlotta Dalipi

Karlotta Dalipi

Amber Allure

Amber Allure

Mahek Syed

Mahek Syed


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